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When you draw a dream with palm trees, crystal clear water and coral reef, it’s time to fly to the Maldives.

When you draw a dream with palm trees, crystal clear water and coral reef, it’s time to fly to the
Maldives. Choosing “your island” together will be exciting, as will finding the resort tailored to
your needs. Together we will evaluate which airline is the most suitable to take you to this paradise and establish the most suitable experiences for you: from the guest house to the 6-star resorts, the Maldives will surprise anyone who wants a relaxing holiday between snorkeling and sun.

Gili Lankanfushi

Without a doubt the most beautiful villa I have ever seen. An example of sustainable luxury just 10 minutes by boat from Male.

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Emerald Faarufushi

A very small and paradisiacal island with services of the highest level. I literally fell in love with this island and you can find the reasons here.


Emerald Maldives

A 5* resort suitable for both families with children and honeymooners. A corner of paradise with a perfect balance between modern and authentic.

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W Maldives

I called it the perfect island and the reason is simple: there is no reason not to. This place is an unspoiled paradise in the middle of the ocean.

Niyama Private Island

This private island is made up of two islands – “Play” and “Chill” – characterized by endless white beaches and breathtaking lagoons.

Pullman Maldives Resort

Do you want an infinite lagoon, a wonderful bank sand and beautiful villas?

You are in the right place. Here the article in question.

Sun Siyam Iru Fushi

One of the most family-friendly resorts with children I’ve ever visited.

Come and find out in detail in this post and you will understand what I mean.

Ayada Maldives

Once again it is the south of these islands that amazes me.

Ayada resort is an amazing reality that exists in the Maldives in terms of luxury.

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Dreamland Maldives

Every time I come back from my beloved Maldives I can’t wait to share with you every shot, every
emotion and every detail that can help you understand that these atolls hold something truly
magical, far beyond the imaginary.

Soneva Fushi

A dream that begins with “No news No shoes”: Soneva Fushi is one of the most luxurious and kids-
friendly resorts in all of the Maldives. The concept is 6 stars – Robinson Crusoe style, offering eco-
sustainable luxury, mixed with a top level of services.

Amari Havodda

This resort, located about 400 km away from Male, can be reached in about 55 minutes by domestic flight and 10 minutes by fast boat. Once you arrive in this unique place, you can not help but be amazed by the silence that reigns on this island: no seaplane overhead or “technical” island visible from the beach: only white sand and boundless blue lagoon.
The beaches are beautiful: wider on the
sunrise side, always present throughout the perimeter and well maintained, despite the resort’s tendency to leave nature as wild as possible. The vegetation is enchanting: by creating real gardens between the paths, they have managed to enrich this large sandbank with colorful plants and flowers that make every corner something worthy of note.
There are no anti-erosion walls, the horizon is
completely free, but on the “sunset” side there are some sandbags to protect the beach: we have
been told that, being a new resort, the island is still being studied in its settling phase. The house
reef is the real revelation of Amari: being in the far south, the corals have suffered less damage than those located in the central atolls.
El Niño was less devastating in the extreme north and south, which is why it is still possible to find real gardens of partially colored coral here. For once, it was the fish that framed the reef and not the other way around.
There are two access points: one near the
Diving and the other on the same side, near the overwater, sunset side. Beware of currents
especially in this area.


The island falls within the measure of small paradises and is entirely surrounded by sand: it is
possible to make the complete tour quickly, without having to cross the island.
The vegetation is not among the most luxuriant I have seen and indeed, in my opinion, it is quite bare.
In the central part of the island you will find a five-a-side football pitch, a beach volleyball court and a saltwater waterfall, built around a plant. Each villa has two sun loungers, an umbrella and, on request, a plastic sun-bed to relax by the water.
The only umbrellas that are not numbered are those arranged in front of the restaurant area (also made available to the overwater, which otherwise would not have any position on the beach).
The towels will be delivered to you directly on the beach, where you can leave them in the evening before leaving. The anti-erosion walls are visible on the horizon and allow a perfect lagoon effect: the almost motionless sea in the period in which we stayed, looks more like a salt water pool than the Indian Ocean.
The reef is the most spectacular feature of this
island: accessible from two entrances, it gives its maximum splendor to the left of the main pier. A
variety of fish that makes every snorkeling trip a small dive: octopuses, black tip sharks, turtles,
moray eels, sea eagles, stingrays, lobsters, clownfish and hundreds of other small creatures.
Each day was a new surprise, a great adventure to dive into this aquarium.
The South Ari Atoll is famous for the sighting of the whale shark, that we unfortunately were not
able to meet even on excursion. The island is kept by the Vakarufalhi staff like a botanical garden:
the attention in cleaning the beaches and internal paths is something obsessive during the day.
Every morning, every corner of the island is cleaned of corals and leaves.


Palm Beach

Located in the Lhaviyani Atoll, this is one of the largest islands in the Maldives: it’s almost 2 km
long and can only be reached by seaplane. This feature made me consider it more appropriate than others for my first holiday in the Maldives with Clara: the idea of being on a very small island, perhaps during a rainy day (yes, it can happen…) with a 3 year old girl I didn’t like it at all, as I was pretty sure I’d spend hours locked in a room.
Having a larger island at your disposal always
guarantees an alternative, thanks to the wide common areas; whether it’s a library, a kids club or a gym, it doesn’t matter: the important thing is to know that you can leave your room even in the rain to go to other facilities.
The beach is large and equipped, not only in front of the villas. There is a long strip of sand entirely occupied by umbrellas and sun-beds, where you can choose whether to tan in the sun, or rest in the shade. Thanks to these comforts, we were able to stay on the beach all day even with Clara, without having to go back to her room after lunch to let her sleep.


Aaaveee Nature’s Paradise

The island is really very small with two large beaches on the end, fully equipped with sun beds,
umbrellas and bars. Having a truly luxuriant vegetation, the natural shaded areas are so many, that there is no problem for your little ones to rest: whether it’s a cot or – why not – a splendid hammock.
The towels will be delivered to you directly on the beach, where you can leave them in the evening
before leaving. The island is entirely surrounded by coral reefs and has several access channels. For
the little ones, however, you must have some extra attention with the corals present in the water and
sometimes on the beach. The island has no doctor on the island.

Soneva Jani

The newcomer of the Soneva group is nested in the Baa’s atoll: the water villas connected by a
wooden pier are located in one of the largest lagoons in the Indian Ocean.


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