New Zealand is the will to push yourself to the other side of the world

North Island

Our first impact with this distant land took place right from the northern island: we left Auckland to go as far as Cape Reinga, where the Pacific Ocean meets and merges into a unique spectacle with the Tasman Sea.
Unspoiled landscapes to take your breath away that accompany you for every
kilometer traveled.

South Island

Here you can witness the true triumph of nature: whether you are in the area of the fjords, at the
foot of a glacier or along the ocean, you will witness never-before-seen spectacles. Visiting this
country with the help of local tourism authorities made our itinerary authentic, true and exciting.
A journey studied step by step, with my heart pounding from the first moment I dreamed it and
realized that it could become reality. I feel that I am not satisfied with New Zealand yet, which is
why I hope to soon be able to organize another tour made of other wonders.

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