• Cavallino Bianco family hotel

If I had to tell you about my “Cavallino” I would have to start from the first time I stepped into their
world: two years ago, my first visit was made of emotions and euphoria. I would never have
thought of returning here with the task of including this structure as the only Italian destination in
my list of itineraries.
Those who know me, know that my passion for faraway lands goes far beyond the curiosity to explore my country: I have always loved discovering distant, unknown cultures and getting as close as possible to different mentalities from ours.
I am therefore honored to sponsor a hotel that for years has been winning the award for best family hotel in the world: being part of all this is simply wonderful.
Today I want to tell you a story, or rather a fairy tale, which began many years ago, in a small
mountain village called Ortisei: the famous Cavallino Bianco castle was nothing more than an old farm.
Towards the eighth century, a house was added to the farm, which then became the local post office, at the time of the Hapsburg Empire. The name “Albergo alla Posta” was born in those years.
It is difficult to explain what this Family hotel has become now but, if you still need to feel like the
protagonists of some fairy tale, remember that here you will find the most beautiful “Once upon a
time” of all time, made up of dedication, passion and dreams that are still achievable.
Often family hotels are aimed and focused on the well-being of the little ones: everything revolves
around the youngest guests, as it is assumed that their well-being is more than enough for their
parents to rest. At the Cavallino Bianco, thanks to Ralph and his collaborators, the project went
much further. First of all, a family is made up of individuals, a loving couple and wonderful
children: we can talk about a Family holiday when everyone’s needs are satisfied. What may seem
like a subtle difference in philosophy, has ensured the success of this beautiful reality.

Thank you​

for making me feel part of this great family once again.

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