• Australia & Polynesia

If the former consistently wins the best quality of life award and the latter is a favorite destination for honeymoons, there must be a reason!

Great Ocean Road

Australia and Polynesia, easily combinable thanks to their proximity, represent the desire of many tourists, but also of many travelers.
Australia offers the versatility of an extended, varied continent with a nature capable of leaving any viewer speechless. Dozens and dozens of itineraries that can be organized, hundreds of experiences to live: it will be enough to let me know what your priorities and passions are.


If, in particular for nature lovers, Australia represents the dream in the drawer, Polynesia is for future spouses or for families wishing to experience a beach holiday that has no equal in nature, scents and vegetation.


Whether you are in love with the Society Islands, the Tuamotu or the Marquesas, it will be possible to create your tour in search of the most heavenly and – why not – somehow “niche” place.

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