• Caribbean

Into the blue

Caribbean Sea

French Antilles, Virgin Islands, Bahamas and so on and so forth. Whether you are aboard a ship or cycling on the island of Exuma, the Caribbean sea will be there ready to welcome you with its
unmistakable colors and its incomparable atmosphere.


Do you want to visit a beach a day? Just reach Antigua. Do you want to taste the best fried lobster of your life? Go to Santana in Exuma. Do you dream of meeting Johnny Depp on the Caribbean ship? Virgin Gorda could be for you. Do you dream of a sea full of surfing waves? Then Barbados.
Caribbean for all tastes You will have an island for every whim, in the meantime I am waiting to


Caraibi per tutti i gusti


Avrete un’isola per ogni capriccio, nel frattempo resto in attesa di conoscere il vostro.

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