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Today I want to take you to a magical place, in one of those places that you will hardly be able to forget and / or compare to other paradises: fasten your seat belts because we fly to Ayada, to visit a luxury resort in the Maldives.


Ayada Maldives is located in the Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, on the island of Maguhdhuvaa, in the far south of the Maldivian archipelago. Reaching this resort from Male requires a domestic flight lasting approximately one hour, and a boat transfer of another hour. Obviously all transfers are assisted directly by the resort, so you only have to worry about taking off your winter clothes and wear a swimsuit and a pair of flip flops as soon as possible.


Choosing a luxury resort in the far south has the following advantages:

– the south is wilder, has fewer resorts and there is no traffic of seaplanes in the sky and boats in the water: silence is guaranteed and the feeling of being the protagonists of a fairy tale in paradise becomes reality.

– reef situation: at the moment the corals in the south are recovering much faster, because the atoll is much deeper and many more “acropora” have been saved (species that are quicker to spread and grow). It will take many more years, but in proportion in this area the situation is better than in the other atolls.


The island is entirely surrounded by white beaches with fine sand; each beach villa has an area in front, equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, while the common area in front of the pool has dozens of sun loungers available to customers.

Having a truly luxuriant vegetation, the natural shaded areas are really many and it is not difficult to rest during the hottest hours in a hammock or on a swing. The coral reef surrounds the island and has several access channels. Despite the presence of some coral on the beach, you do not need shoes, as the staff continuously cleans every corner of the island, which is well cared for and maintained. Many flowers populate the gardens and if you have the opportunity to visit the resort during Christmas holidays, you will notice the care they take to illuminate every green corner.


The villas are classified into two large groups: the beach villas and the overwater villas, although there are also garden villas (the only ones without a private pool), the sunset lagoon (entrance from the beach, but a patio overlooking the ocean) and the Ayada Royal Ocean Suite, a sort of two-storey presidential villa of about 320 square meters.

Garden villa

These villas surrounded by lush vegetation and close to all the facilities of the structure, are the lowest budget solution that you can choose in this luxury resort.

Beach villa

The villas in question have a private pool, direct access to the beach (equipped with sun loungers and umbrella), a large veranda and a bathroom with tub and outdoor shower in the back yard.

Beach suite

The feature that differentiates them from the previous ones is that, despite having access to the beach, they also have a private garden that completely isolates the villa from the outside in terms of privacy (what is commonly referred to as “Bush”). Our villa was a Sunset beach suite and it’s the solution that I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a large beach available without having to give up the convenience of restaurants and other common areas nearby.

Ocean villa

These are the classic overwater bungalows: they offer a private outdoor terrace, hammocks, a pool overlooking the ocean and of course direct access to the lagoon.

Sunset Lagoon suite

These villas are recommended for those who are undecided between the beach villa and the ocean villa, but do not want to give up the sunset side. They have the entrance of a beach villa, but the rest of the bungalow is developed directly on the lagoon, complete with a hammock and a private pool overlooking the ocean.

Sunset ocean villa and Sunset ocean family suite

These bungalows are approximately 170 square meters and can accommodate two to four people. The sunset from here is something difficult to describe.

Ayada Royal suite

This is the flagship of this luxury resort: it measures about 320 square meters, it’s spread over two floors and the terrace on the first floor allows a 180 degree view of the lagoon.


There are many culinary solutions offered by Ayada Maldives: the restaurants are located in different corners of the island and if some are on the beach, others overlook the lagoon. Let’s get to know them better, in order to understand which one is right for you.


Magu is the centerpiece of Ayada cuisine, as it is here that both breakfast and dinner typically buffet style are served. The restaurant, entirely furnished in wood, has an internal area and one directly on the beach.


For those who cannot give up Mr.Ananda’s cuisine, this is an unmissable solution: here’s a Japanese restaurant, located on the sunrise beach, where the chef not only cooks in sight, but entertains guests with real culinary shows. For those who have opted for full board and not all inclusive this restaurant is subject to a fee.

Ocean Breeze

This restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine and takes its name from its fantastic location overlooking the ocean. Elegant, yet informal, it is dedicated to those who want to indulge in an intimate dinner with the sound of the waves in the background.

Ile de Joie

Perfect place for an aperitif or for an after dinner, it boasts a wide range of fine wines and cheeses. Its dhoni-shaped tables make your tasting truly special.

Zero degree

The Zero Degree restaurant and bar is open for lunch with a simple menu but full of international dishes: salads, sandwiches, sandwiches can be enjoyed by the pool or even at tables with your feet in the water.

Kai Restaurant

I left this restaurant for last, because it is my absolute favorite: hidden among the tropical vegetation, it is a great solution for lovers of Asian cuisine. Every evening a selection of sushi sashimi awaits you, along with fresh seafood dishes, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese delicacies. My favorite plate? Mie Goreng noodles!

In addition to the restaurants mentioned, there is the possibility of enjoying your meals privately, directly in the villa or on the beach.

Each restaurant has an online menu (you can find it on the Ayada App, along with many other features) so don’t forget your phone in the room, because there are no paper menus to be consulted at the table.


Among the Ayada excursions, one really deserves to be described in detail, as I rarely happened to find it offered in luxury resorts in the Maldives.

Sandbank dinner experience: instead of the usual one day (or half) excursion on the sandbank, Ayada manages to offer you a candlelit dinner in the middle of the ocean. This option is only possible thanks to the professionalism and organization of the staff: chefs, waiters, butlers and two boats are at your disposal, to make this sunset in the front row unique.

Fundamental to the success of the evening is the study of the tides as, in the event of adverse weather, it won’t be possible to reach the strip of sand in question. You will not have the certainty and time of dinner until the same day as there are too many factors that can interfere.

To describe this evening, I want to use a few words, the ones I wrote on an instagram post, written immediately after returning to the villa: “Do you know what the front row seat is to see the sunset?Dinner Experience on the sandbank! The private dinner on the beach in the Maldives is a must for anyone who wants to make their stay on the island even more special. A delicious dinner on the tongue of sand in the middle of the ocean is something that goes beyond it. It is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had and you know why? Because seeing the sunset from the middle of the ocean is one of those moments that can take your breath away”.

You will be enchanted by the nature and silence that surround you and you will never be able to forget the feelings of such great wonders.


Getting married on a paradise island is not just a dream for many, but a reality that in recent years has seen many tourists choose this option. Usually the packages that are offered include a ceremony on the beach, an aperitif and a private dinner for the newlyweds. All solutions can be made even more magical by the inclusion of some services: floral decorations, traditional dresses, music, photos, etc. Also in this field, the Ayada has one of the most innovative solutions I’ve ever seen in a luxury resort in the Maldives: the white room wedding chapel. It is a genuine wedding chapel: the largest of all the Maldives islands. Located in the heart of the island, surrounded by a lush lawn, it offers a dream location for your wedding in the Maldives. Among the options that you can choose, the one that struck me most is that, given the size of the structure, you can invite the guests of the island to your wedding, unless you have already thought about bringing friends and relatives on vacation with you. The setting in this private garden is truly beautiful, unusual and provides the ability to add to a classic wedding on the beach, a real heavenly ceremony.


Being surrounded by many reef breaks, Ayada is one of the best solutions for those who want to surf in the Maldives: having seven places accessible by boat, you have the opportunity to go out surfing in any weather condition. It’s based on the wind, the tides and your experience that the staff will decide which reef break is the most suitable for you. Given the reduction in baggage on domestic flights, you can easily rent your board directly at the resort (for a fee). The packages for the outings obviously include boat transfers to reach the reef break.


Every year Souri Trip visit the Maldives, according to the collaborations that are established: this happens because the offer of resorts is constantly growing and many of these do not get promoted as they would deserve on foreign markets.

Ayada is a perfect example: this resort reflects exactly what we want to promote. There are many famous chains whose reputation exceeds considerably what they represent: Ayada is one of those realities that has made its way among luxury resorts for features, services and value for money (despite being a high-level resort).

If I had to check the features that, in my opinion, cannot be missing in a luxury holiday in the Maldives, this would be my Ayada Maldives data sheet.

Villas: well furnished, they have an offer ranging from the simplest to the most exclusive solutions;

Services: all services have a high standard, suitable for the luxury category in the Maldives;

Beach: it completely surrounds the island unlike many resorts which, due to erosion, have areas completely emptied of sand;

Reef and lagoon: the lagoon is splendid and the reef almost entirely surrounds the island. Being able to walk to the barrier you do not have need to pay for any snorkeling excursions;

Anti-erosion walls: you have no wall on the horizon that can spoil the view of the paradise that surrounds you. Your eyes will manage to get lost completely between the colors of the sea and those of the sky.

Cleanliness: there are no technical corners of the island that are badly kept or hidden.

The island is just perfect. Those who know me know what this trip meant for me (both in professional and personal terms): my heart is full of emotions and responsibility towards those who choose Souri Trip for their next holidays in the Maldives. There are thousands of ways to visit the world, because each destination contains dozens of alternatives. Souri Trip’s promise is that we will do everything to show you as many as possible, because our job is not relying on any catalog, but on our stories of life lived overseas.

Now we just have to go back to dreaming my friends!
Enjoy the trip!

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