• An incredible journey

Never as in this country have I felt free: a freedom that can be grasped with your hand everywhere,

in every piece of land, a freedom that allows you to feel great, even though we represent a very

small dot in the Universe.

Welcome to South America!

From Bariloche

Leaving Buenos Aires, we left for the Camino los siete Lagos, up to San Martìn de Los Andes: a
succession of pristine lakes, framed by the Andes, contrasted by the green of the mountains and the
blue of a sky, whose clarity looks like a mirror in which to reflect the whole world.


El Chalten

The majesty of this land is incredible and compared to us we are so small, as if nature were to point
out who is in charge. And so, after the Big Daddy in Namibia, Clara has also “conquered” the Fitz
Roy, slowly, looking around, with that typical hopping step that has always represented her.

Perito Moreno – Upsala – Spegazzini

Here I am again in front of a panorama that I cannot describe: being in the presence of these
glaciers, Perito Moreno, Upsala and Spegazzini is not something every day, but above all it is not as
you have always expected. I had admired dozens and dozens of photos of these places, performing
the necessary proportions and statistics on their height and immensity. Well, being the protagonist of those same photos is another story.
I clap your hands to you, Lago Argentino, and I do it with the
same force with which you made my heart beat in front of your wonders.

Iguazù Falls

Argentine side or Brazilian side? Very different from each other, they contain two wonders of the
same nature. I come to say that the waterfalls are like the ribbon of a very special package, because
the vegetation that reigns supreme and undisputed represents a real miracle of nature.

The magical North

Here we are on the border with Chile and Bolivia and this is what welcomed us: the 200 km that
divide Salta from Purma are like an imaginary time line, beyond which you start traveling back in
the past. Here’s a square, three dirt-roads, lamas that run free and dozens of colorful craft markets:
this is Purma, surrounded by an unforgettable set of wonders of nature. I wanted with all my heart
Souri Trip to show this itinerary, since there are only a few agencies that will propose it to you:
these are truly the places that represent us.
About 60 km from here is Le Salinas grandes, an
enchanted place, nestled in the Andes, that cannot possibly be described.


You cannot visit Argentina without spending a few days in an “estancia”, dispersed in the pampas.
Those who follow us know that in every journey we plan, we always insert an “authentic” structure
that allows us to live particular experiences in special places. It is in venues like this that I love
making contacts, closing cooperations and writing emotions and impressions on my faithful Travel
book, which once back in Italy will be the draft for your itineraries. Trips like this are the ones that
build my know-how!

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