Souri Trip

    The tailor-made trip

    I organize your tailor-made trip, in cooperation with specialized agencies, located around the world.

    I personally visit each place, in order to propose itineraries designed with local tourism Boards. In
    fact, each itinerary is drawn up according to your needs and priorities, without using any catalog: I
    have no packages, except your dream to realize.

    I love and explore the world, with the awareness of how crucial it is to know, in order to advise.

    I want to create tailor-made trips for those who – like me – are never satisfied with exploring and are
    no longer satisfied with a standard package, but feel the need to contact a tailor for the creation of
    their suit. There are a thousand of different ways to travel the world, believe me!

    About me

    Who I am

    My name is Elena Frosi,
    I am a tireless travel designer, always looking for the perfect itinerary.
    Author of the book “Noi tre on board, traveling along with Clara”, I discover the world with my
    family, nourishing myself with experiences, magical places and surrounding myself with people in
    tune with my way of exploring.
    Experiences overseas are my greatest know-how and it is from this direct exploration that “Souri Trip” was born: Souri in the Haitian language means “smile” and in mine it represents a real hymn to joy, positivity, hope to make the dreams of anyone who wishes to feel free to explore come true.
    If a population like the Haitian one, hit by multiple tragedies, manages to amaze us with a smile, we too have a duty to try. As for me, I make my contribution available to those who want to… find a smile around the world.
    Souri in my imagination is a paradise island, full of flowers, colors and scents, where we can meet to talk about travel dreaming of the next destination: everyone is welcome in this world of mine, the important thing is to have a smile and dreams scattered all around the planet…

    Enjoy the trip!


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