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…Born in the Usa I was…


Whether it’s an “on the road” on the coast from San Francisco to San Diego, a tour in the parks or a stroll around Florida, what matters is to go on a trip to North America, possibly aboard a four-wheeled convertible.
You will feel like the protagonists of a movie and every km you travel will be a life experience that will remain in your heart forever.
As for my experience, I would go back to
every State I have visited in this incredible country: I remain an incurable “United States addict”.


Hundreds of different itineraries, punctuated by intermediate stops in motels, hotels or luxury
residences, to discover the most exciting beach or park and in search of the most authentic or
cosmopolitan town in the country with stars and stripes.


On the road

There is no experience that cannot be lived in the States.

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