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Who, among us, hasn’t dreamed, at least once in their life, of waking up in the middle of a heavenly beach?

It happens to me very often and I look for consolation in the memory of those that I have had the opportunity

to visit in these years. This is how the list of the most beautiful beaches of my travels was born: it is

an exciting way to relive past sensations, in days that sometimes do not seem to have the right energy.

These are my favorites and, as always, it is a very personal opinion:


Those who decide to visit the Bahamas cannot in any way exempt themselves from making a stop on the island of Exuma: remote from tourist Nassau or from the crowded island of Grand Bahama, this island

boasts some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. In perfect Caribbean style with bars on the

beach where you can go barefoot wearing a sarong, and kiosks along the road offering ice-cold beer and

Fried lobster as a typical dish, Exuma is the closest thing to Polynesia I’ve got to explore. Easily accessible from Miami with a short domestic flight, this island will be able to welcome even those who are skeptical about beach life. The best way to experience Exuma is definitely rent a car or a scooter to wander around only to get lost among thousands shades of this sea. One above all stands out for its particularity, colors and emotions and it is the Tropic of Cancer: a stretch of fine white sand as oppose to the light blue of the sea ​​that, moving away from the shore, makes its turquoise even more intense. Walk in places as unique as these allows you to establish a contact with nature difficult to experience anywhere else: it is as if the sea could manage to keep even the greatest of sins or the heaviest of gods secrets. The sand crunching under your feet will be the only sound you will hear, since the sea ​​is so calm that it does not disturb any of your thoughts in any way.


Thailand is one of those places that are difficult to shake off our minds, as the smiles you will find in this part of the world do not come from simple courtesy or education, but belong to a real and own philosophy of life.

Among the thousands of beaches that you can choose from, there is one that, in my opinion, gives that added value on an emotional level: Sunrise beach on the small island of Koh Lipe.

The colors and scents of this beach cannot leave you unmoved: the atmosphere in perfect Thai style is pure emotion and what you can see and experience here will hardly be found on an island so small and far from everything. Lipe is the right compromise between the typical deserted islands in perfect Robinson Crusoe style and the Thai nightlife: in this little gem everything seems perfectly balanced. The island overlooks the Andaman Sea and consists of two main beaches: one in the sunset side, the other in the sunrise side; this is certainly one of the most beautiful island I have seen during my travels.

Many were the Souri Trip testimonials of this trip: Matilde, Alice and Federica were the first to trust me by choosing this area as the destination of their trip with friends, to be combined with Kuala Lumpur first and Singapore after; Erika and Luca instead combined Lipe with another paradise called Ko Kradan and the same choice was made by Lucia and Marco, while Caterina and Antonio have decided to combine this beach extension with the city of Bangkok. Whether you want to explore more authentic Thailand in the north or thrilling cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok does not matter, as Sunrise beach and Sunset beach are in any case the perfect ending of your tour. All you need is a swimsuit and a sarong, since you can quietly leave your flip-flops

at home (just kidding …)


French Polynesia is certainly more famous for its crystal clear waters than for its dream beaches and the reason is the volcanic origin of these islands. Among all, however, one really stands out because of its colors and texture: it is the pink beach of Tikehau, which in addition to being differently colored, is made up of micro crystals that make the shape and color really special.

The pink color of the sand in contrast with the blue lagoons of this area seems to have a single purpose: to literally take the breath away of the traveler who is lucky enough to witness such a spectacle of nature. There are places that do not need to be told, as their observation is able to make your heart break: this beach has this power. It will be enough for you to be taken to the uninhabited atolls far from everything to capture their true essence and to find your most beautiful beach, the one you will always remember. As often happens, when a beach and a sea are found within a comfortable context such as a resort, the beauty of nature remains in the background with respect to the accommodation: here you must not allow it, and that is why I advise you to get away as much as possible from the “inhabited center”.


Redang is likely to remain forever in my heart, since if a place so dreamed of and desired does not disappoint the high expectations, it means that it is truly a special place, certainly among the most beautiful beaches I have visited during my travels.

You will not be able to remain indifferent to the rainforest that merges with the East China Sea, spreading blinding colors similar to a masterpiece on canvas: the water is calm, warm and full of fish and turtles. Unmissable for those who do not love snorkeling, the experience with the glass-bottomed boat to observe the fauna of this sea. Less involved in the typical tourist circuits of Thailand, Redang beach is truly an enchanted place where dreams will seem more achievable and peace will reign supreme in your days.

Many honeymooners signed Souri Trip stop in this small island and the reason is simple: the price / quality ratio makes it a suitable destination for those who do not have enough time or willingness to go as far as the Pacific islands. Close to Japan, for example, it represents an excellent sea extension for those who want to visit the East without giving up a few days of relaxation.

GRACE BAY Providenciales Turks AND CAICOS

If you combine the Caribbean sea with a kilometer-long beach, the result can only be a perfect postcard, one that you can imagine since childhood. Grace Bay is for me one of the best beaches in the world: it is often difficult to find such a perfect mix, since often to be able to find a crystal clear sea implies having to give up the long beach full of palm trees. One of my closest friends has worked for many years in this paradise and there is no better way to “know” a place if not through those who have managed to experience a place than “simply” as a tourist. The colors, scents and contrasts of this island make this beach a favorite destination for honeymooners and more.


Rarotonga – as I have admitted several times by now – is one of my favorite islands, the one I love to call the island you don’t expect, the one that caught you off guard, making you realize how strong and intense the true essence of Pacific that you can find here. Those who know me, also know that I can’t keep emotions at bay when I tell about a place that for me is not just a beautiful postcard: there are people who prefers brochures and those, like me, who are able to “whisper” a place. Among the dozens of pristine beaches you can find in Raro, there is a very particular one that deserves a more detailed description: Black Rock beach. As the name suggests, it is a place characterized by volcanic formations on the water’s edge and on the beach, but if its aesthetic peculiarity is this, the one to experience is another. This beach is able to guarantee you two different and exciting experiences: the coral reef very close to the shore is also an excellent strategic point from which to observe the passage of whales. Bumping into a group of humpback whales playing jumping and splashing water is one of those experiences that are difficult to report in writing on their own, if the place from which to observe them is simply heavenly, even better. The other experience is the arrival of flights from various neighboring continents, as the landing strip is located behind Black rock beach: this allows you to be “overwhelmed” by the noise and the feeling of being shot down by an airliner. I had only experienced something like this on the beach of Saint Marteen, also located exactly before the landing strip.


Thailand is made up of paradisiacal beaches with different characteristics and several tourist settings: every type of traveler will be able to find their own corner of peace, since the quantity and type of places is certainly able to satisfy everyone. The island of Koh Kood, one of the largest in the area, is truly a rare pearl, as the tourist flow is not as intense as elsewhere. Kluai beach is the least crowded on the island and this makes it a place of pure magic, characterized by a turquoise sea and an expanse of fine white sand. Taking a few hours to study this place is a smart choice for those who are not satisfied with a simple and super crowded beach but are looking for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


I’m pretty sure this name sounds absolutely unknown to most of you, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fall into this ranking. Ama beach is a valid alternative for those who want to combine a beach holiday with a trip to Japan and do not have time to go to the Pacific islands. Located on the island of Okinawa, Ama beach is also well known for its “whale watching”, while the island on which it is located undoubtedly deserves to be visited relying on a scooter or a bicycle, since being quite large it requires a minimum of organization to be explored. Snorkeling is very nice in these areas: numerous colorful fish, turtles and coral gardens that you will need to watch out for, using rubber shoes and swimming with caution.


Shells beach is located in Australia and it is the only beach mentioned here to be more famous for its shells than for the white beach: the first meters are entirely covered by these small wonders that even cover the seabed. I challenge anyone to make a nice sand castle here … nothing will be more difficult, try it for yourself. This beach represents one of the most original creations of nature, both for conformation and for care and maintenance by the local population. Rather than investing in this place for tourism, squeezing and exploiting the natural conformation of this corner of the world, Australians have preferred to leave intact what nature has given. A white expanse that contrasts with the deep and turquoise waters of the sea that bathe it: this is what it looks like in the eyes of those who observe it in the photo, but I can assure you that living it is undoubtedly much more than a simple walk.


This is undoubtedly the most famous beach in New Zealand and not for the usual characteristics of crystal clear water and white sand, but for a particular phenomenon that makes this place unique in the world: only here you can find hot water natural springs, with a temperature of 66 degrees. The warm water beach is like no other. At first glance, there is nothing special. The thermal source of volcanic origin flows about fifteen meters deep: however, boiling water filters through two underground cracks, which slowly rises to the surface. This is where your personal Spa treatment takes shape: you just have to dig into the sand to get natural hot water for free and in a few minutes create your own private Jacuzzi. Imagine the joy of being able to lie down and relax as if you were at home. The ideal time to enjoy Hot Water beach is within a two hour interval before or after low tide. Outside of this period you can still sunbathe, but it is difficult to come across the springs. During winter, identifying the hot water area can be easier as the beach could smoke in some places, if not, start looking around the rock formations with a shovel that you can rent along the way. This beach, in addition to represent a truly unusual place, boasts a strategic position, given the proximity to the arch of Cathedral Cove and the famous Hahei beaches. Before reaching these other places, I recommend that you stop for a carrot cake in the beach cafe.


Ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the United States, the name precisely means “heavenly sea”:

it is a highly scenic location, considered the ideal place to observe the rise of the moon over the Mokulua Islands. The coral reef located in the stretch of sea in front of the beach makes Lanikai beach very popular, both for snorkelers and divers. From the beach you can make fantastic kayaking excursions; many people, in fact, face the Pacific Ocean waters by kayak to reach Mokulua Islands and in particular Moku Nui a beautiful white sandy beach. Hawaii, in addition to be considered an absolutely baby-friendly destination, is one of the trendiest honeymoon destinations of 2019: it will be one of Souri Trip’s mission to organize a wedding on these paradisiacal beaches, including the ceremony and a party. Unfortunately, at the moment, I can’t reveal much more, except anticipating that you can follow this Special Wedding on all my social pages.


I don’t like to mention the most popular locations, as I try to limit the idea that traveling is like leafing through a fashion magazine, but Flamingo Beach is so beautiful that it cannot be ignored. I always thought that what it matters is how you live a place rather than how it is presented i to our eyes: look for a more hidden corner and try to observe these animals as real spectators, rather than being protagonists, it can be a great alternative to appreciate what nature can offer. These animals are so used to humans that they aren’t frightened at all and indeed almost intrigued by what revolves around them. Flamingo Beach is located on a private artificial island and can be reached follow a precise timetables: you need to embark on a speedboat which will take just eight minutes to your destination. Given the freedom of the flamingos to move around, this island is off limits to children, which is why the Renaissance Aruba Resort is an adults-only hotel.


It was my first encounter with a Caribbean beach and I must admit that it was a start … not bad at all, because being face to face with the famous Virgin Islands it was an amazing experience. It is on these islands that you will feel like real pirates hunting for wrecks. In my opinion, among all the Virgin Islands the one which stands out the most is Virgin Gorda, a geological marvel made up of majestic granite boulders, which form sheltered sea pools on the edge of the beach. The strip of sand that characterizes the most this area is certainly “The Bats”, a real collection of huge granite boulders alternating with white beaches and secret pools. From here, passing through a path equipped with ladders, you will reach Devil’s Bay, another paradise for nature lovers. I remember so well the day spent in Virgin Gorda, despite the fact that ten years have passed and despite myself being today a very different traveler: back then, every landscape, beach and city, captured my interest only for a few minutes, after which I had to change area. I would be curious to “live” Virgin Gorda with the world I guard today, with the eyes of someone who knows how to get excited even in front of what many consider a beautiful postcard. I hope to be able to return to these areas, because it is as if we have a score to settle.



Yes, there is a ninety miles long beach: it is located in New Zealand, in the northern part of the North Island and it actually seems to never end. I have to admit that I have visited it on a gray winter day, but the emotion was still strong, despite the persistent rain and fog obstructing the horizon. Every corner of New Zealand has a lot to tell, in any conditions: once you reach Cape Reinga, the meeting point between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, you have the feeling of having reached the end of the world, where everything begins and ends at the same time. According to a Maori legend, this is where the spirits set out on their journey home to Hawaiki. And it is during the visit of this place that you will have the chance to drive along the shores of Ninety Mile Beach as the waves crash beside you. You will feel the sand between your toes as you help the locals dig for shellfish (conditions permitting), before reaching the impressive sand dunes along the Te Paki Stream, where it will be possible to “surf” as if you were in Tavarua. It is impossible to describe the contrast between the almost mystical landscape and the opportunity to enjoy dozens of different activities. Take your time to get excited and have fun as you never imagined.


Maupiti is the perfect destination for visitors looking for an incredibly authentic experience. Located 40 km west of Bora Bora, this island holds one of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific: its name is Tereia beach and what you will love most about this place is the silence and the majesty of the nature that surrounds you. You will be literally seduced by this corner of paradise and what you thought was a pristine beach will become insignificant when compared to so much magic. The chance to spot stingrays along the canal and to reach the Motu Auria on foot is something truly unique. Calling it simply a beach does not give any idea of ​​what this place represents in the eyes of those who decide to live it, most likely not regretting the nearby Bora Bora. Traveling sometimes means having the courage to abandon stereotypes to experience what will make our heart beat more. The desire to explore is something that must come directly from your belly: without ifs, without buts, only with a great desire to open your eyes and heart to the whole world.

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