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The article in question is a real guide for those who need information on how to plan a trip to Australia with children.

In this text I talk about organization, itineraries, and important details to undertake this type of tour.


Establish the available budget

Establishing the budget for a trip to Australia with children is essential as this is the classic example of a tour where you don’t just have to list the cost of flights, hotels and car rentals, but you have to evaluate the “extras” such as high incidence on the cost total.

Australia is a non-economic country as the cost of living is quite high: having breakfast at the bar costs about 8AUD, eating a salad 12 AUD and a main course costs 15-18 AUD.

As for hotels, it depends a lot on the location: in central Sydney a hotel is unlikely to cost less than 200 AUD, while campsites in the South or West cost from 50 AUD upwards.

Car rental costs from 30 to 50 aud per day, excluding drop off at another destination. Unlike the United States, in fact, one item that greatly affects car and camper rental is delivery to a different location to where the pickup took place.

Renting a camper can cost from 60 aud per day up to 200 aud because it depends a lot on the type you choose.

Particular attention must be paid to the rules for the child car seat:

Infants under six months of age must use a rear-facing car seat with a built-in harness, while those aged six months to four years must use a rear-facing or forward-facing car seat but always with the harness. Between four and seven years, the seat must be facing forward with a harness, or a seat with a safety belt can be used. Above seven years of age, they must use an adult booster seat belt.

Once you have an idea of ​​how much a trip with children to Australia can cost, you can start making plans and understand what activities we can include in the tour.

Avoid bringing food to Australia as their laws are very strict and you will only weigh down your backpack / hand luggage.

Since Australia has a unique ecosystem in the world that could risk being altered or contaminated, strict customs controls are carried out every day on the goods imported by each passenger. It is for this reason that, in the event that you cannot help but bring food, the Incoming Passenger Card will be delivered to you on the plane, which you will need to fill in and present at the checkpoint, along with a valid visa and passport.

Plan ahead

Saving money for a trip to Australia is possible by purchasing airline tickets well in advance: taking a ticket 8/10 months in advance can mean saving a few hundred euros each.

A trip to Australia with children absolutely cannot fail to stipulate an insurance policy: in case you are unable to leave you must have coverage that allows you to recover part of the money spent for the trip.

Flying with children

Planning a trip to Australia with children means planning a long flight for your baby travelers, which is why a smart choice could turn out to be a stop over in Asia or in Dubai or Doha (the main airports of Emirates and Qatar).

Do not forget that for them the thought of flying is something electrifying, unique and fun: you must in no way disappoint their high expectations. When Clara was little we enjoyed indulging the sounds of the plane with songs that allowed her to divert attention from unknown sounds.

The ignition of the engines, the force that pushes each passenger to the seat and that feeling of freedom in the clouds must be experienced as the greatest adventure that can be told once back home, because that’s what it is all about.

There are some time-saving tricks even for the wildest:

1. play bag brought from home containing the little explorer’s best friends;
2. cartoons on the plane’s TV;
3. the much criticized but very useful Ipad !!!
4. night flight (sleeping helps speed up the journey)
5. sleep and baby food alternating with a few strolls in the corridor

With Clara, for example, we often played with the clouds outside the window: we invented characters, we gave her names based on similarities and pretended that they were talking to each other.

Where to sleep in Australia with children

One of the solutions I used most when Clara was little is to rent an apartment or in any case a residence with a kitchenette: this allowed her to mark her days more, keeping some of her daily “appointments” unchanged: baby food, sleep or play time .

Furthermore, renting an apartment very often means savings, the possibility of making washing machines (avoiding 30 changes for two weeks) and more space available for their games compared to that of a hotel room.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay overnight in some hotels, try to favor those with a swimming pool so at the end of the day you can relax with a bath while your little ones splash around freely next to you.

Australia with children: playgrounds

All children love playgrounds, which is why it is essential to include one every day if you want to enjoy your tour: breaking a car transfer, or a tour of shops with a stop at an amusement park is very important for children as it contributes to make their journey baby friendly and less tiring.

The Sydney’s Wulaba park is one of my favorites – this park, named after the Gadigal word for Rock Wallaby, as small creatures were a common sight around the swamp that existed before the European invasion, features dozens of slides , towers, tunnels, nets, swings and a mega slide for adventurous youngsters.

Made on a floor with a soft surface that looks like a whirlwind of multicolored ice cream, it has various barbecue areas around it where you can spend a lunch in freedom.

Australia with children: drive moderately

Being a very large country it is essential to prepare an itinerary adapted to the needs of your children: it is essential to understand the amount of stops you have to make every day in order to break up the long journeys by car as much as possible. One of the longer routes, if you have children used to nap after lunch, you could make it coincide with the early hours of the afternoon so you don’t have to worry about making stops.

Is Australia dangerous for traveling with children?

Australia is a very child-friendly country and is not dangerous at all. We have never encountered dangerous animals on our tour and never felt unsafe even in big cities. Australia is a great opportunity for children as the animals they will be able to meet and get to know in this corner of the world can hardly be replicated elsewhere.

Many activities involve the little ones: whether it’s feeding kangaroos or picking up a koala (minimum age eight).

Australia with children: itinerary

Planning a trip to Australia with children means planning the perfect itinerary for your children’s needs before you leave.

Australia itinerary with children

One of the itineraries that I recommend is the one that Martina and her family shared and that I prepared a few years ago tailored for them, otherwise you could opt for a two-week itinerary, which allows you to travel between Melbourne and Sydney along a of the most famous streets in the world and enjoying the majestic nature of the area.

This is the tour I organized with Clara six years ago

Melbourne to Sydney Discovery

14 Days | 13 nights
Start end
Melbourne | Sydney
Visited locations:
Melbourne | Phillip Island | Lakes Entrance | Pacific
Coast Drive: Merimbula, Batemans Bay and Kiama | Sydney

Day 1: Arrival in Melbourne
Car collection at Avis Australia airport (5BF90V) FWAR (F) Holden SV6 Wagon
Hotel chosen for the night: The Savoy on Little Collins

Day 2: Melbourne
Visit of the city of Melbourne
Hotel: The Savoy on Little Collins
Day 3: Melbourne
Another day dedicated to this electrifying university city
Hotel: The Savoy on Little Collins

Day 4: Melbourne – Phillip Island
Day dedicated to Phillip Island and the excursion for the sighting of the famous
blue penguins: they are very small and come out of the water at dusk to spend the night on the beach.
Hotel: Ramada Resort Phillip Island
Better to plan a night here rather than return to Melbourne.
Day 5: Phillip Island
Tour of the island made famous by the Grand Prix and by the presence of numerous kangaroos.
Hotel: Ramada Resort Phillip Island
Day 6: Phillip Island – Lakes Entrance
Let’s go to another Australian wonder
Hotel: Waverley House Cottages
Day 7: Lakes Entrance
Free full day to explore Lakes Entrance
Hotel: Waverley House Cottages
Day 8: Lakes Entrance – Merimbula Region
Transfer day to reach Merimbula
Hotel: Coast Resort Merimbula
Day 9: Merimbula Region – Batemans Bay
Batemans Bay is the ideal place to stroll and relax.
Hotel: Batemans Bay Manor

Day 10: Batemans Bay – Kiama
We reach this pearl on the coast
Hotel: The Sebel Harborside Kiama
Day 11: Kiama – Sydney
Finally Sydney
Hotel: The Grace Hotel
Day 12: Sydney
Organized tours:
– “Sydney Opera House Trust”
– Bridgeclimb Sydney
– Captain Cook Cruise
Hotel: The Grace Hotel

Day 13: Sydney
Free day for Sydney
Hotel: The Grace Hotel
Day 14: Departure
Car delivery at Sydney Airport
and return flight.

When I create my tailor-made itineraries, it is precisely from such a track that I start: then I start to insert everything that I consider interesting during transfers, stops and overnight stays. Everything that can capture my intention, I insert it at first: most of the time I keep it, but if I then notice the lack of time or some other problem, I take it off and privilege something else. Once these pieces of the puzzle have been added, I move on to choosing the characteristic structures and places, and this is how My journey begins to belong to me. This is what I do every time I build a tailor-made itinerary for my clients: I start from a blank sheet, building on their priorities, I carefully study what can make it unique. It takes days to complete it but it took years to build the know-how of Souri Trip.

Building a trip with children also requires what I like to call “direct experience”: if I hadn’t traveled the world with little Clara, I wouldn’t have been able to develop a lot of attention. At the age of eight, her flight hours are about 600 and I can guarantee you that on me and on her I see traces of every single hour and Souri Trip is the worthy son of all this.

Souri Trip

The tailor-made trip

Three steps to build your perfect itinerary together:
1) Tell me what traveler you are;
2) We find your destination;
3) I will organize your tailor-made trip,
taking care of everything.

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